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Friday, July 11, 2008

Keyboard Shortcuts For Internet Explorer

  • To Select all items on a webpage use CTRL and A.
  • To Copy a selected item to the clipboard use CTRL and C.
  • To Paste an item from the clipboard into a document use CTRL and V.
  • To Add the current page/document to your favorites use CTRL and D.
  • To Open the IE search utility use CTRL and E.
  • To Open the FIND box to search the current document use CTRL and F.
  • To Open the History utility use CTRL and H.
  • To Open the Favorites utility use CTRL and I.
  • To Go to a new location/document use CTRL and L. Also CTRL and O.
  • To Open a new Explorer window use CTRL and N.
  • To Print the current page/document use CTRL and P.
  • To Refresh the current page/document use CTRL and R. Also you can use the F5 key.
  • To Save the current document/page use CTRL and S.
  • To Close the current Explorer window use CTRL and W.
  • These are achieved by holding down and pressing a combination of keys
  • To go to your default homepage use ALT and the HOME key.
  • To go forward one page (equivalent to the FORWARD button) use ALT and the right arrow key.
  • To go back one page (equivalent to the BACK button) use ALT and the left arrow key.
  • Type URL without a Mouse Click in IE you can use Alt + D key combination to highlight the address bar.
  • This allows you to enter a URL without the mouse click.
  • This will be helpful for the laptop users who find it uneasy to use their touchpad every time they want to type a URL.

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